Welcome to Diverse Voices Press Author Services

We provide authors with customized book publishing services, one-on-one support, expert book design, editing, and marketing services. While yes there are fees involved, writers receive 100% of their royalties.


Diverse Voices Press offers three editing options for authors: Line Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading. These various levels of editing services cover everything from basic grammar and misspelling corrections to review of the story narrative, story development, characterization, and sentence structure. We offer options to ensure that each author is satisfied with their editing service.

Content editing: Our editors check the formatting, vocabulary, structure, style, flow, and overall content of a document. The editors weed out any errors and inconsistencies as well as annoying writing “quirks” that may confuse the reader.

Copy editing: The copy editors identify errors in grammar and spelling as well as inconsistencies of terminology or elements of the story’s plot.

Proof editing: Our editors check for any last-minute errors that may have been omitted in the previous in-depth edits. The proofreading will polish and refine the manuscript to perfection. The final proofreader will not be the same  editor who worked on the previous content and copy editing.

Design Services

Choose the professional design service your book needs. Diverse Voices Press formats your book to any size you want, making sure that it meets all appropriate book industry standards.

Illustration: Our book illustrators enjoy turning your words into wonderful art. From storybook drafts to ingenious cartoons, just imagine the beautiful imagery that will draw your readers further into your book.

Registration: We facilitate your Library of Congress registration, acquiring ISBN, and Books-in-Print registration to assure your book is registered properly.

Printing:  Our affordable, high-quality books are available in hard-and softcover, printed in the US on quality paper stock. Turnaround time is fast, and your book is meticulously packaged and delivered to your door or your chosen book distributors.

Marketing: Let us help you with a marketing strategy. We will show you ways to market and promote your book. If you need a book publicist, or book promotion agent, we can refer one to you. Diverse Voices Press is here to give you an array of marketing services that ensures your book gets noticed.

Distribution: Your completed work will be distributed to all major booksellers, retailers, and libraries through Ingram and Baker and Taylor. It will also be available for purchase directly by consumers through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and  bookstores. 

Author Web Design: Hire us to design your custom website that includes book-marketing tools to monetize your book/books. Diverse Voices Press connects you with a professional website designer who will:

  • Design a new site or update your existing website
  • Set up website hosting and domain
  • Take care of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Establish contact forms
  • Set up image galleries
  • Set up Social media sharing